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New Music for a New Year

I can’t believe it is already September 22nd! This has been my first opportunity to share what has been going on in the Music Room so far this year!

On September 12th our fifth graders led a wonderful Heroes Assembly (on day FIVE!!) for the entire Pine Glen Community to honor our Police Officers and Firefighters, as well as remember Thomas McGuiness who sadly lost his life on September 11, 2001. They did a wonderful job! You can see photos of this performance HERE and a short video of the Pine Glen School Song HERE.

Third Graders have begun to sign up for Violin lessons if they are interested. There is still time to sign up! Please visit Mrs. Conzano’s Blog for more information.

Fourth graders have begun to sign up for band instrument lessons. If you are interested please see Mr. Napeirkowski’s Blog for more info.

I have updated the Important Dates Page with all of our new concert dates for the year. Click HERE to visit that page.


In other news, the music room and the stage both have new music rugs!  All the students are enjoying it and so do I! Believe it or not, this rug will greatly enhance all of the students music lessons. Circle games stay in a circle, we can easily review lines and spaces of the staff, rhythm sticks aren’t quite so noisy, and so much more!

I have been greatly enjoying reconnecting with all of Pine Glen Students as well as getting to know all of the new smiling faces that walk through my door. Its going to be a great year!




Mrs. Agati is the music teacher at Pine Glen School in Burlington Massachusetts.

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