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Social Distancing Music Activities

Hello Pine Glen Community!

To help with your music making over the next several weeks, I am going to record and post videos of some songs for you to sing at home. With each song I will make sure to also include a challenge. All challenge responses can be sent to I will keep adding the links to my videos on this post.

Even if you don’t want to respond to a challenge, I would love to see how you are making music a part of your day! Keep in touch!

~Mrs. Agati

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Be Musical While We’re On Break!

Hello Pine Glen Families!

I hope you are healthy and safe and ready to spend some time at home. During this time it would be fabulous if everyone continues to make music! Making music is essential for healthy body and mind!

Here are some ways you can connect to what we are currently studying at each grade level:

First Grade: Recently we have been singing simple songs while continuing to develop our singing voices and develop our sense of steady beat and rhythm. There are loads of wonderful recordings on YouTube to sing and play along with such as these:


Any recording by Jill Trinka or John Feierabend are pitched perfectly for children to match pitch with, and I highly recommend them. Use sounds found around your house to play along, like pots and pans, make shakers out of recyclable materials, etc.. be creative! Keep the steady beat, or create rhythms to play.

Second Grade: Second grade students could benefit from any of the recordings above by playing and singing along. In addition, the second grade was just beginning to study instrument families. One of my favorite resources for this topic is The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, and interactive game created by Carnegie Hall. The harp game is the most challenging!

Third Grade: Third graders are focused on playing recorder right now. Keep practicing! And if you need new songs to play feel free to e-mail me or search the Internet! You can also practice note and rhythm reading using Treble Cat or Rhythm Cat, apps that are available in the App Store with both a free or paid version.

Fourth and Fifth Grade: If you are lucky enough to have a ukulele at home keep playing! Find a Play Along video of a song you love and learn it! At the top of this page there is a Uke Play Along page where I put all my favorite ukulele videos as I find them. My favorite channels are The Ukulele Teacher, Ukualiens, and Uke Play Alongs.  You can also check out the Musication Channel for fun activities. Keep singing those Beatles songs for our Spring Concert!

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to spend your time away from school. If you play a string or wind instrument, practice! Maybe take this time to play a song you’ve been aching to learn. Google it or send me an e-mail. If you have GarageBand, compose a piece of music. I have a ton of app suggestions listed on the Favorite Apps for Music page above. Everyone can learn about Composer of the Month, Ludwig van Beethoven, by using the Composer tab at the top of this page. Explore the links on the sidebar as well.

But remember, making music is not complicated, all you need is your body! Sing, clap, tap, dance, it’s all musical! Teach a song to a younger sibling, sing a song for your parents or caregivers. Put on your favorite tunes and create a dance, or just have a wild dance party! If you would like to share with me your musical adventures, I would love to see and hear them! Send photos or videos to me at I will be checking my e-mail regularly.

Be healthy, happy and safe!

~Mrs. Agati


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In the Hall of the Mountain King on Musication!

In my internet travels I stumbled upon a wonderful YouTube channel called Musication. They have dozens of animated play along videos for many different genres and styles of music. Some use note names, some are percussion or movement based, and some use handbells.

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I tried the In the Hall of the Mountain King video with a 4th grade class today, and we had so much fun! Anyone could easily use this video at home using found sounds (pots and pans, shaking keys, buckets, stomps, claps, etc..) I hope you will give it a try! Enjoy!

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Open House Tonight!

schoolhouseWelcome back to another wonderful year of music at Pine Glen School! I will work hard to keep this blog up to date with all of the music making happening at Pine Glen every day. My hope is to use this blog as a window into my classroom, a way of communicating important information about upcoming events, and as a resource for parents as well as students to learn more about music. Explore the many links and pages that this blog has to offer! This year I have also begun using Instagram as another way of communicating with families. Follow me at agatipgmusic, or check out the feed on the right hand side of your screen.

Already this year the 5th graders performed beautifully at our annual Heroes Assembly. This was just the first of many performance to come during the school year. Please check the Important Dates page for concert and event dates and put them on the calendar right away!

Third Graders have begun to sign up for Violin lessons if they are interested. There is still time to sign up! Please visit Mr. Samulak’s Website for more information.

Fourth graders have begun to sign up for band instrument lessons. If you are interested please see Mr. Napeirkowski’s Blog for more info.

All 4th and 5th grade students should bring their recorder in to school for use in music classroom activities.

I have been greatly enjoying reconnecting with all of Pine Glen’s students as well as getting to know all of the new smiling faces that walk through my door. Its going to be a great year!