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4th Grade 3+1 Compositions

Learning how to read and perform music is an important goal of music education, but being able to use what you know to create your own composition is extremely important as well. This past week the 4th graders completed a composition inspired by our composer of the month, Franz Joseph Haydn.

After listening to Haydn’s Surprise Symphony, we examined the patterns found in the rhythm of the music. What we discovered is that the rhythm had 3 measures of rhythm that were exactly the same, followed by 1 measure that was different. This is the 3+1 formula, and its a pattern that commonly occurs in the music of many composers and songwriters.

With a partner, the students created a 3+1 rhythm and then learned to perform it. I then challenged them to “make it interesting”. We talked about all the different things that Haydn did to make his music interesting (changing dynamics), and we brainstormed ideas of their own. Here are the resulting compositions.


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Lexington Symphony visits Pine Glen


Today four members of the Lexington Symphony visited Pine Glen School, and put on a performance/presentation for our third grade students. This visit was in preparation for our annual field trip to hear the Lexington Symphony play at the end of the month.

The students were a wonderful audience as the musicians discussed the different families of instruments in the orchestra, how their instruments worked, and what its like to be a musician in an orchestra. They also got a taste of the kinds of music they will hear at the concert. The students also had very thoughtful questions at the end of the presentation.

We are all excited to see the concert on the 22nd!


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Think Spring…and Broadway!

It’s a new year, and the 4th and 5th graders are beginning to prepare for their Spring Concert! The theme for this concert is On Broadway!

Here are some recordings of the songs we will be performing. Enjoy!

On Broadway from the movie version of A Chorus Line:

Do Re Mi from The Sound Of Music:

Seize The Day from Newsies:

Corner of the Sky from Pippin:

A Medley from Into the Woods:


When I Get My Name in Lights from The Boy from Oz: