Room 206 Compositions

Here are recent compositions by room 206!

Third grade Trip to the Lexington Symphony


Yesterday I was thrilled to be able to take our third graders to a live orchestra performance! Through the generosity if both the BEF and the Pine Glen PTO, this trip was absolutely free for the students! We enjoyed music from classical masters Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, and of John Williams, the composer of Star Wars! We also learned a lot about the instruments of the orchestra as well as how it has evolved over the centuries. It was truly a wonderful day and we are hoping to go again next year! Here are some photos from our trip. Enjoy!








Room 213 compositions

Yesterday room 213 finished and performed their compositions. Here are the performances!

Room 207 composition videos

Recently room 207 completed a composition project modeled after Haydn’s “Surprise Symphony”. Here are their final performances,

Lexington Symphony visits Pine Glen


Today four members of the Lexington Symphony visited Pine Glen to give our third graders a preview of the concert they will be seeing next week. The musicians played many pieces as well as discussed the four families of instruments. It was wonderful and we are so excited to see the full orchestra next week!


Note Name Practice Apps

I recently shared some great Apps for note name practice with the third graders.  Everyone can benefit from some note name practice so I thought I would post them for all to see.


FlashNote Derby: $.99 Learn your notes while riding in a horse race!


DoReMemory:$.99 Learn your notes by placing them correctly ont he staff.


Note Squish:$.99 Learn your notes in a Whack-A-Mole style game!


Treble Cat:$3.99 Its pricey, but this app really teaches you each note and progressively gets harder as you go through the levels.