Songbooks, and Showcases!

It has been a wonderful week in music class! First, second and third graders created their songbooks this week, as well as sharing our favorite musical memories. We had a great looking back at all of our music making throughout the year!IMG_0296 IMG_0293 IMG_0292 IMG_0288

In addition, grades 2, 3, 4, and 5, had the opportunity to perform in our Showcase this week. Students played instruments, acted out skits, told jokes, did dances, sang songs, and the list goes on and on! Here is a photo of room 207 after their Showcase that included tap dancing, hulu hooping, and mimes! I was overwhelmed by all of our student’s talents!


Heroes Assembly Patriotic Songs

Calling all 4th graders! Although we will be performing these songs slightly differently than they are performed in these videos, they are still a very good reference and practice tool. Enjoy singing along all summer long!

Third Grade Recorder and Violin Concert

Congratulations to all third graders on a wonderful performance last Thursday! You all have certainly achieved a lot throughout our musical year! Here is the concert video to share with family and friends. Enjoy!