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Second Grade Instrument Family Unit

The second grade has been learning about the four families of instruments, and how each instrument fits into the orchestra. Our unit includes why the instruments are grouped as they are, how they make sound, their pitch, as well as learning to identify the instruments by listening.

Here are a few apps and resources that you can enjoy at home!

Meet the Orchestra


This app introduces you to all of the basic instruments in the orchestra as well as their family groupings.  There are also many fun quiz games to play to see what you know!




My First Orchestra App:


This app takes you on a journey through the orchestra, and is setup like an adventure game.  You will also be introduced to many famous pieces of music along the way!





The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra:

young persons

This is an exceptionally fun and educational game that is played all online!  We will be playing this game together in class but if you would like to play on your own at home, just click on this link:

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Game