November: Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland (November 14, 1900 – December 2, 1990) was an American composer, composition teacher, writer, and later in his career a conductor of his own and other American music. He was instrumental in forging a distinctly American style of composition.  He is best known to the public for the works he wrote in the 1930s and 1940s including the ballets Appalachian Spring,Billy the KidRodeo, and his Fanfare for the Common Man. His music is what many people consider to be the sound of American music, evoking the vast American landscape and pioneer spirit. However, he wrote music in different styles at different periods of his life.

Learn more about Copland on these websites:

Making music: Copland Biography

Classics for kids: Copland

DSO Kids: Copland

Listen to two pieces by Copland:

06 Copland_ Rodeo – Hoe Down

01 Copland_ Fanfare For The Common Man

Here is a video of “Simple Gifts” from Appalachian Spring:

Here is a listening map of “Hoedown” from Rodeo

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