October: Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was a German born composer, and is considered the master of the Baroque Period of music history.  Bach came from a very musical family, and learned to play organ, harpsichord, and violin.  As a child he was known for his fantastic singing voice.  During his life he worked as a church musician (choirmaster), as well as for the Duke of Weimar.  He wrote over  1200 pieces of music during his lifetime.  Bach was married twice and had twenty children, all of which he taught to play musical instruments or sing. Many of his children went on to have musical careers of their own.  Even though Bach’s music is extremely famous now, this was not so while he was alive.  It wasn’t until almost 100 years after his death that people began performing his music in public, and Bach was recognized  to be the musical genius he was.

Here is a video of Bach’s famous Toccata and Fugue in D minor, played on the organ:


Here is a graphic representation of the same piece:

Here is a graphic representation of the Little Fugue in G Minor

Here are some other links to websites where you can learn more about Bach and listen to his music.

Classics for Kids: Bach

Making Music Fun: Bach

DSO Kids: Bach

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