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Fourth Grade Theme and Variations Compositions

After studying Aaron Copland’s piece Variations on Simple Gifts, the fourth grade students created their own Theme and Variations compositions.  Each class chose a theme (one of their recorder songs that they already knew), and after separating into groups created a variation on that theme by doing things such as changing the tempo, dynamics, rhythms, pitches, etc., of the original song.  This  year, all three fourth grade classes voted for the same theme! Here are the final products!

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5th Grade Square Dancing

In the month of November, all of the grades study the music of Aaron Copland, one of America’s most famous composers.  After listening to Copland’s Hoedown from the ballet Rodeo, the fifth graders learned some square dancing movements to perform while listening to the piece (a hoedown is a traditional cowboy dance party!). This week the fifth graders learned the traditional dance song called Alabama Gal, and created their own square dances in groups.  They were allowed to use any of the movements we had previously learned, as well as add their own.  The results are fabulous! Here are some examples from Room 208:


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The Treble Clef Staff

This week the third graders were beginning to learn about the musical staff, and the letter names of the lines and spaces on the treble clef. The students drew the staff on their iPad using Drawing Pad, and practiced how to draw the treble clef symbol as well.


After a discussion about the letter names of the lines (E,G,B,D and F), and spaces (F,A,C,E), they used the letters to create words with notes.


All of this study is leading to our Recorder Unit in January when we will read standard pitch notation for the first time! The third graders are already excited!